Queer Cinema Club

The Queer Cinema Club is a project that was born out of a thesis class taught by Briar Levit at Portland State University. The question that kick started it all was, “How can authentic queer cinema be made accessible to a wide spread audience?”

Having started school as a film student and ending it as a graphic designer, I wanted to bridge those two passions while exploring my own queer identity.

The three main goals of the project are:
01 – Create a digital collection of queer cinema that is easily accessible to a local, national, and international audience. An important aspect of this project is that it is collaborative, rather than coming from just one person’s perspective.

This directory should be easy to find, use, and share amongst communities so that the collection will grow with more and more recommendations.

02 – Promote films that tell authentic stories of people from their own perspectives rather than through a voyeuristic or harmful lens.
03 – To discover and introduce new films through connection and to create community in both digital and physical spheres.

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